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17-Sep-2017 15:58

If a Validation Event Handler was assigned to the Xml Reader Settings instance, or passed to the Validate method of the Xml Document class, the Validation Event Handler will handle schema validation errors; otherwise an Xml Schema Validation Exception is raised when a schema validation error is encountered.

Validation errors are handled by the Validation Event Handler.

The Validate method validates the XML document against the XML schemas contained in the Schemas property of the Xml Document. Schema Class Xml Document Validation Example Shared Sub Main() Try ' Create a new Xml Document instance and load ' the XML document into the DOM.

In this example, the XML document is not validated as it is loaded into the DOM, but rather is validated after it has been loaded into the DOM using the Validate method of the Xml Document class.

Invalid modifications are made to the XML document and the document is then revalidated, causing schema validation errors. Dim settings As Xml Reader Settings = New Xml Reader Settings() settings.

Finally, one of the errors is corrected, and then part of the XML document is partially validated.

Read(schema Reader, Schema Validation Handler); asset. Files (1 xsd, 2 xml) and full C# code here: Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings.

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Note The XML data is loaded into the DOM despite schema validation errors unless your Validation Event Handler raises an exception to stop the process.A well-formed document follows the basic syntactic rules of XML, which are the same for all XML documents.Validates the XML string/file against the specified XSD string/file. The example below is similar to the example in "Validating an XML Document As It Is Loaded into the DOM" above.

As a result, typed XML data replaces previously untyped XML data.

The last book ' element is invalid, but not included in validation. Select Single Node("/bk:bookstore/bk:book", manager) document. Validate(Address Of Validation Event Handler, book Node) Catch ex As Xml Exception Console.

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